3 Tips For Creating A Great Radio Commercial

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3 Tips For Creating A Great Radio Commercial

With a radio commercial, you can't rely on visuals like you can with a television commercial or with an online advertisement. Everything is conveyed through words, tones, and various sound effects. Radio commercials can be an effective means of advertising if you get the commercial right.

Know Who Your Target Audience Is

Just like with other forms of advertising, it is really important to know who your target audience is. Knowing who your target audience is will help you craft an advertisement that will effectively reach that audience.

With a radio advertisement, you need to combine information about your general target audience with information about the radio station audience where your ad will be running.

For example, maybe your general target audience is women in their 30-60s, and the radio station's target audience is women in their 50-60s. You can craft a message that is targeted at women in their 50s-60s, which represent a subset of your overall audience. This allows you to create an even more specific advertisement.

Hire a Professional to Write the Script

Don't try to wing it when it comes to what you say in your advertisement. You need to have a well thought-out script that informs people about your business and helps persuade people to come into your business and make a purchase or use your services.

For example, a car dealership could describe what it would feel like to own a vehicle they sell. You can describe how smooth the drive is, how fast the car goes down the road, and how the surround sound transports you to your own personal concert. You want an automotive radio commercial to create an experience for people. Your words should evoke an emotional response in your audience and make them feel like they are right there, driving a new vehicle. You want to sell them on your product with the script.

Cast Voice Actors

Don't assume that you should be the voice for your business's advertisements. Just like you would not use home video footage for a television commercial, you don't want to use just anyone's voice for your radio advertisement.

You want to use a voice that your target audience will connect with and that sounds good on the radio. Take your time casting the voice talent for your radio advertisement.

If you want your radio advertisement to bring in business, clearly define your target audience, use a professional to write a script, and cast professional voice actors for the advertisement.

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