The Answers To These Questions Will Help You Find A Truck

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The Answers To These Questions Will Help You Find A Truck

The market for used semi trucks continues to grow, especially as part shortages continue to make new truck prices soar. Finding a semi truck is easy, but finding one that works well and that will fit your needs is not that easy, and that means you need to start looking now. Be very specific about what you need, such as the truck meeting certain legal requirements, and work out ahead of time what you'll tolerate, too. The more flexible you can be, the better, but you still want that truck to meet at least your minimum standards.

Do You Plan to Just Rebuild the Engine Anyway?

Truck engines can last a very long time when cared for properly. But that's the problem; how do you know if the engine, wheels, and other parts have been taken care of properly? For some drivers, claims that the engine is in good shape don't matter as they plan to rebuild the engine immediately. If you are among that group, that will make your truck shopping a lot easier as the condition of the engine is less important.

Does It Meet 2022 CARB Standards?

If you plan to drive the truck in California, you'll have to meet the latest standards from the California Air Resources Board, or CARB. For example, any diesel truck over 14,001 pounds that is driven in California needs to have a 2010 engine or newer before the end of 2022. If the used semis you see have older engines, and you want to drive in California, those semis will not be useful at all. If there's any doubt about the actual manufacture date of the engine, you do not want to buy that truck. If you do find a good engine that you know is from 2010 or newer, however, that's a truck you want to zero in on.

Who's Selling the Truck?

Sometimes a used semi is available from a colleague who you know took care of that truck. That's great because you know the history of the truck and the actual reputation of the person selling it. The other option is to get a used truck from a dealership. In this case, do your research on the truck to figure out its history before you buy it.

Used semis can be very good buys if you do your research and figure out your needs versus your wants. There is a truck out there for you, and all the work you do now to determine what you need to look for will eventually pay off.

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