How To Keep Your Auto AC Working Great

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How To Keep Your Auto AC Working Great

If you want to get the most out of your auto air conditioning, it's important to know how to use your air conditioner in a manner that is the most efficient. Then, your car will be nice and cool even during the hottest summer days.

Use Climate Control

For a car that has automatic climate control, you won't have to lower the temperature to make your car faster. You can simply set the air conditioner and forget it.

Turn Off the Stop/Start Feature

On very hot days, turn off the stop/start feature. This feature can lead to the AC compressor shutting off to save energy. However, you might notice that your AC is not able to cool your home effectively enough with this feature on. Turn it off and you'll be able to get the most out of your auto air conditioning.

Don't Use the Recirculate Feature

Don't use the recirculate feature if you have passengers in the backseat. Otherwise, the air in the backseat can become stale and hot. The recirculate feature takes the air from the front of the system and pulls it back through the system.

Lower the AC Temperature

Set the temperature to the AC to low and adjust the fan if you believe that it is too cold. If you raise the temperature of the AC, the unit might be forced to reheat the air to bring it to the temperature you want it to be at, which is less efficient. You'll be cool faster by simply turning up the fan.

Clean Your Filter

Make sure that your filter is clean. Otherwise, your AC will need to work harder to keep your car cool. Fortunately, with newer cars, it is much easier to determine if your filter needs to be replaced with a new one. With older cars, you might need to remove the entire dashboard so that you can replace the AC filter.

Don't Pre-Cool

Don't pre-cool your car before driving. Your car will actually become cooler faster if you begin driving immediately. The faster that your engine runs, the faster that the compressor will run and the faster that it will be able to cool your car. If your car is very hot, roll down the rear windows. This will force the hot air out of your car. Then, roll the windows up after 10 seconds.

Have Your AC Inspected

If you believe that your air conditioner is not functioning properly, make sure to have it inspected by air conditioner services. If you don't repair your AC fast enough, you may find yourself without a working AC unit in your car in the future.

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