Went A Bit Too Far Off The Road? How To Get Unstuck While Off-Roading

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Went A Bit Too Far Off The Road? How To Get Unstuck While Off-Roading

If you spend time off-roading, chances are good that you'll eventually get stuck. Most sticky situations can be recovered from quickly. However, there are situations where you'll need more than patience and a few more attempts. For those situations, you'll need help getting unstuck. If you venture too far off the highway, and your off-road vehicle becomes stuck, here are four tips that will help you get loose. 

Keep the Right Supplies on Hand

If you know that you're going to be far from civilization during your off-road activities, make sure you keep the right supplies on hand. Your off-road vehicle should always contain items that you can use to get yourself out of a tight spot. The most important item you need to have is a heavy-duty winch. One of the benefits of having a winch is that you don't need to have another vehicle nearby. You can attach your winch to a tree or other permanent fixture. You'll also need to have several traction boards with you whenever you're off-roading.

Call on Passing Off-Roaders

If your vehicle gets stuck while you're off-roading, don't be ashamed to call on passing off-roaders for assistance. Most off-roaders have been stuck a time or two and will know how to help get you out of your situation. Not only that, but they might have the supplies that you're missing. This is particularly important if you've taken off without the winch and the traction boards. 

Grab What You Can Find

If you're off on your own, and your vehicle wasn't stocked with the right recovery tools, you'll need to grab whatever you can find. If you're stuck on loose soil and you can't get enough traction to get out, start collecting things like sagebrush, broken limbs and rocks. These items can be placed under your tires to give you the traction you need to get loose. This practice is particularly useful when you're stuck with one tire off the ground. 

Notify an Off-Road Recovery Team

Finally, if you've tried everything and you're still stuck, you need to notify an off-road recovery team as soon as possible. Off road recovery teams are equipped with everything they'll need to get you out of the situation you've found yourself in. If you're not sure how to contact an off-road recovery team, call your roadside assistance provider. They can get you in contact with the right service. 


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